Health & Safety

Health & Safety Statement, Fire and Public Liability Policies are in place. Documents are reviewed regularly and we are fully compliant with regulations.

We take as much care as possible to ensure that there are no hazards and all dangerous substances are locked away, we ask all patients not to leave children unattended in the building.

If you discover any damage around the building, please report it to reception to make sure it doesn’t constitute a hazard to others.


Fairview Medical Centre is registered with the Data Protection Authority – Data protection is about your fundamental right to privacy.

The Doctors and staff have a duty of confidentiality to you our patients. We regard this as being of the utmost importance, all members of the pracrice team have signed a confidentiality contract.

We are frequently asked for reports by insurance companies, solicitors, employers etc. Before providing these reports we shall require written consent. Where the consent does not appear to make clear the full extent we may ask for more explicit consent direct from the pateint or their repreentatives. For example solicitors frequently request copies of the entire medical record even though you may imagine they have only requested copies of the records pertaining to the accident/event.

Any information e.g. email correspondence provided to this practice voluntarily by our visitors in the communications with us is securely stored and not shared with any third party.

Please refer to “Policies” for additional information re data protection.

Patient Responsibilities

If you cannot attend your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that the cancellation may be offered to another patient.

Lab & Hospital results are only given to the specific person to whom the test applies, or to a parent if relating to a child or an authorised person.

NB: It is very important that you contact the surgery for your results, you will be advised of the most suitable time to obtain these. If your doctor has asked you to make an appointment to come in to discuss the results, that you remember to do so.

If you have a medical card please ensure that all information related to your card is valid and in date. Fairview Medical Centre can offer you assistance (refer to medical card details), however ultimately, it is the patients responsibility to ensure their card is in date and that you follow up on your submissions.

Fairview Medical Centre has a zero tolerance policy if a patient becomes violet or aggressive to a member of the team, the Police will be called on these occasions.

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